February 14, 2020

5 Guidelines for a healthy diet for kids

Planningand maintaining a healthy diet for kids is a prime concern for all mothers. While many of them crack this code, other new mommies might still find preparing the right diet for their kids a bit challenging.  Meal planning for kids is crucialbecause growing children regularly need nutrients to build a vital body.

While planning meals for children, it is essential to understand the principles of nutrition. Your kid’s daily diet must contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients in appropriate amounts.

You can even create a food tracker or a healthy food chart for kids that will help you maintain ahealthy meal plan for your kids.

Here are some tipsthatwill help you in planning a healthy meal for your kids:

  • Breakfast full of Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks in the body and are essential to develop and maintainmuscle mass. Protein becomes all the more important for growing children. Hence, ensuring a protein-rich diet will give a healthy start of the day for your kid.

  • Healthy snacks

Kids indulge in some snacking in-between meals. Thus, instead of cutting back on their snacks, make sure kids turn to fruits or healthy snacks in the snacking time. This is a habit that you will need to inculcate at anearly age so that your kids will choose fruits over any other unhealthy snacks.

  • Wholesome meal

While deciding the menu for main meals, select something nutritiousand filling. This will leave no scope for munching unhealthy foods. Some of the healthy wholesome meals include porridge, lean meat, whole grains bread, and dairy products.

  • Sugar intake

Many parents do not watch out for the sugar intake of kids. Granulated and other forms of artificial sugar have more side effects than benefits. Try to include foods that contain natural sugar like banana, dates, dried figs, raisins, and other sweet fruits and control consumption of preserved food, juices, and soft drinks.

  • Early dinner

Early dinner is an effective way to boost our digestive system not only for us but also for the kids. This will ensure peaceful and deep restorative sleep for your kid and in turn, help themdevelop a powerful digestive system from early on.

Building healthy dietary habits in your kids will make sure they never face any digestive issues and other problems occurring due to unhealthy eating habits. Although there are many food myths that we come across while planning healthy meal options for our kids, it is essentialto find out what works best for your kid individually.