December 30, 2019

Do Strikes and Protests on Climate Change Work?

Protests are crucial in a functional democracy. It’s a sign that people can express disagreement to the government. It also shows that people have a voice that can help shape policies.

With several governments turning a blind eye to climate change issues, more people are doing protests. Even children are taking the lead to force the government to do the right thing. Climate strikes are everywhere. Some of them attracted only a few people, while others had hundreds or thousands of attendees.

The question is, do these protests work? Can the government change its direction because people organize massive protests?

In some cases, the government doesn’t care

People protest for various reasons. Some sectors want a raise in the minimum wage. Others fight for justice reform. The problem with the number of strikes is that the government officials get immune to them. Unless the protest attracts a massive number of attendees, most officials ignore them. They will go on with business as usual and brush the protests off.

Corporations are still more powerful 

Another reason why protests don’t succeed is that the people running the government want to please their corporate donors. They can’t create damaging policies since these donors could turn on them. It doesn’t mean the politicians don’t care about the environment. They just don’t want to prioritize the voices of ordinary people over the powerful millionaires.

Massive protests are alarming

The good thing is that some massive protests can be powerful. Politicians might change their minds if they know that there are a lot of people who joined the cause. They know that the people on the streets are possible voters. If they might lose their chance of getting re-elected, they might listen to these people.

Getting a seat at the table

Protesting doesn’t immediately change the status quo. The government won’t rethink the policies implemented. However, the political leaders might give the protest leaders a seat at the table to discuss changes. Getting the attention of the people shaping these policies is the first step.

Take part in protests

If you have enough time and you believe in the cause, you can be a part of it. Get to know the organizers and make sure they’re sincere in the promotion of the cause. It’s easier for you to join if you know that the organization is sincere in its efforts.

Before you even think about joining them, you need to understand that you also have a responsibility at home. Make sure that you follow the right steps. For instance, you have to throw away your trash in the right bins. Proper segregation can’t help prevent the clogging of canals. You can also ask a company providing junk hauling in St Louis for help if you want to take the junk out of your home easily. You can’t do it alone, especially if you already have piles of junk to throw away.

You won’t be a hypocrite when joining these protests when you know that you’re doing the right thing at home.