March 11, 2020

Why You Should Apply For Singapore PR This Year

Singapore has been a long standing favorite destination to live and work in for expats around the globe. In fact, for many who spend prolong periods on this sunny island, they go on to apply for permeant resident status within the tiny red dot. Why is this so and should you be joining them? In this article, we cover why Singapore is the perfect destination as your second home and explain the many benefits that PR status grants its holders.

Introducing Lovely Singapore

Singapore is a tropical garden city nation located strategically in South East Asia. The country serves as a financial, technological and medical hub for the region, making it highly expat friendly. If you were to stroll along the financial district of Singapore, you should be surprised to find individuals from all parts of the world.

Singapore’s openness to foreigners is due to more than just its position in the region. The country was founded by immigrants that hailed from several different parts of the country. More importantly, the government takes an active role in ensuring an open society and one that is highly cohesive.

Implemented measures span from schooling to housing, from politics to businesses. From a young age, Singaporeans are exposed to a variety of cultures and traditions. This cultivates an open mindset and an acceptance of differences. As such, racism in Singapore is nearly non-existent.

Three other important expat friendly factors should also be mentioned.Firstly, Singapore has one of the leading safety and low crime rates in the world. With all forms of firearms banned, and a society that has experienced peace for decades, you can expect to find a safe environment to live in.

Secondly, Singapore’s education is widely recognized as one of the most desirable in the world, especially for children. Thirdly, job security is relatively strong here as both the political and economic situation are stable for long periods.

Benefits that Singapore PR Enjoy

Singapore PRs enjoy a variety of benefits, this includes:

  • Being able to change jobs without having to reapply for a work visa
  • Ability to fly in and out of Singapore without complications
  • Availability of housing loan options when purchasing property in Singapore
  • The option of applying PR for your family
  • Granting of long stay visa to your visiting parents
  • Preferential treatment when enrolling your child into schools

These are some of the highlight benefits that makes Singapore PR status so coveted amongst the expat community in Singapore. There is also a symbolic value in attaining PR as you would now be one step closer to officially calling this sunny island your home.

Getting Started on Your Application Process

If you have decided to apply PR Singapore, then speak to a PR consultant firm to start. They will be able to inform you on the paper work required, the technicalities of the process as well as assess your current chances of success.